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GroupMe consumes all of student life

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Tulane University


GroupMe consumes all of student life

Stop messaging and smell the roses

Mary Tyler Storms


It’s day one of freshman orientation, the first glimpse of your exciting new life at Tulane. Ha! You wish. Actually, you’re sitting in a circle with your orientation group spending those first moments of college life trying to think of a fruit that starts with the same letter as your first name. You shudder because you realize that you also need a backup fruit in case someone else’s name starts with the same letter. Wait, before the exhilarating icebreaker, the group leader wants everyone’s number so she can make a GroupMe.

For many Tulane students GroupMe snowballed into an all-consuming social network.

Once my freshman year began, I had determined that I would be different.

I would not get a GroupMe, I would not add another social network to my already cluttered collection of apps, and I would certainly not give in to this all-encompassing technological anomaly of college life. For a long time, I was true to my word.

But alas, it was too much. Receiving individual texts from various groups due to my lack of a GroupMe, my phone blew up with messages nearly every day, and I couldn’t bear the incessant text tones. After a year and a half, I made an account.

For about a day, all was peaceful in the world.

I was standing underneath the shady oak trees on Newcomb quad one afternoon when a bright red butterfly flew toward me and sat on my finger. It stayed there for a minute or two, resting. Finally, it flew away, and I will always remember the moment we shared fondly.

I wondered how it was be possible that the outside world held my attention long enough that I could actually recognize my surroundings. Then I realized that I had forgot to turn my GroupMe notifications back on after I got out of class.

I had missed everything! The club meeting had been postponed a day, a splash card had been found at the LBC (not mine), my RA had found someone’s clothes in the laundry room (also not mine), and I had missed an event where there was free food! Yes, free food!

After having spent less than a day away from the constant stream of information provided by GroupMe, I had become the most uninformed person on Tulane campus. The shame is too much to bear, and I will remain an outcast, doomed to sit and think about how my FOMO came to pass while everyone else chats. So now I must scroll on, wading through a sea of useless posts that probably should have been private texts. If I don’t, I might as well be a hermit in a cave somewhere doing something productive.