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Revolutionary Facebook page TU Insults restores faith in humanity

student startup


Tulane University


- satire

Revolutionary Facebook page TU Insults restores faith in humanity

Get ready to cry tears of character development

Fox Kavanagh


Of all the distractions that exist in our modern society, there is perhaps nothing more toxic than the virtual plague we know as social media. Snapchat, Sermo, HAMSTERster, Instagram, my.BarackObama… there are a seemingly endless amount of time-wasting outlets at our fingertips. But every second or third blue moon, one of these outlets will surprise us all by introducing a productive method of feeding our cyber-addiction. Today, I would like to discuss the ingenious new Facebook page known as TU Insults.
No discussion of TU Insults would be complete without acknowledgement of its inferior predecessor, so let us begin with an informed analysis of TU Compliments. For those of you who are blissfully unaware, TU Compliments is a Facebook page dedicated to delivering anonymous compliments from students to students. This should immediately stand out to you as a dangerously divisive mechanism.

In fact, I would not say it is an exaggeration to call TU Compliments a nesting ground for cyberbullies.

There is no quicker way to make someone question their self-worth than to compliment other people, and this page quickly divides our community into popular kids and undesirables.

I personally have never been complimented, and if I had a more fragile ego, this could have made me lash out due to self-loathing. Even beyond this, the page is almost laughably unnecessary. Just take a look at this quintessentially pointless example of a post:

“Bathy Calfe might not realize it, but she is one of the nicest and most genuine people at Tulane. She always puts a smile on my face when I’m feeling down, but never wants to bother anyone else with her problems. Just letting you know that we’re here for you, Bathy. Thanks for making the campus a better place every day!”
Wow. I’m so touched I might cry. At the stupidity of this page, that is.

Let me ask you this: what exactly is the point of an anonymous compliment? It doesn’t serve to enhance any relationship, and there is no character development to be gleaned from such self-satisfactory lionization. In fact, I would argue quite the opposite. TU Compliments perpetuates a cycle of arrogance and undeserved contentment. I’ve heard of constructive criticism, but never constructive praise. Which brings me to my main point...
TU Insults provides an intellectually stimulating critique of character without the harmful exclusivity of TU Compliments. Never before have I seen a social media platform introduce a page so rife with the potential for character growth. It warms my heart to know that, though the shield of anonymity encourages those in TU Compliments to indulge in needless ego-stroking, there still exist those who would provide helpful feedback to others online without seeking credit. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s a prime example of what I’m talking about, straight from the page itself:
“Adam Goldberg is fuckboi”
I don’t know who wrote this, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to call them a hero.
In the end, social media will always have an unfortunately firm grip on our lives. But it’s nice to see that the self-indulgent vapidity of pages like TU Compliments is becoming less and less ubiquitous by the day. TU Insults represents a change for the better; a chance for people to use anonymity for productive and inclusive purposes rather than for the enforcement of societal division.

Hopefully, one day, this type of virtual interaction will be the norm. And when that day comes, TU Compliments will be nothing more than the one mutual friend you have with that freshman who you matched with on Tinder.